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How Free Code Camp Works

Join a community of 200,000+ developers.

Work on coding challenges together.

Build a portfolio of apps that solve real problems.

Empower nonprofits with code.

Our Curriculum

Front End Development (400 hours)

Data Visualization (400 hours)

Back End Development (800 hours)

+              Interview Prep (80 hours)

2080 hours of coding experience
...all for FREE!

Our curriculum is divided into 4 certifications. These certifications are standardized, and instantly verifiable by your freelance clients and future employers. Like everything else at Free Code Camp, these certifications are free. We recommend doing them in order, but you are free to jump around. The first three certifications take 400 hours each, and the final certification takes 800 hours, and involves building real-life projects for nonprofits.

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Skills You'll Learn





Git & GitHub



Free Code Camp is a proven path to your first coding job. In fact, no one has actually completed our entire program, because campers get jobs before they're able to.


“Free Code Camp helped me get my first engineering job. This amazing community made my career switch a lot easier and more fun.”

- Ashley Drake

“Free Code Camp's a great way for disabled veterans like me to retrain. I'm receiving engineering job offers, and I haven't even finished yet.”

- Brian Grant

“I started Free Code Camp with zero knowledge of web development. 6 months later, I landed my first job as a back end engineer.”

- Maxim Orlov